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Frear Surveyors Ltd is a centrally based land surveying consultancy with 30 years experience in the industry.

We cover a wide range of surveying and land development projects, specializing in residential urban subdivision, including Planning.

Projects are undertaken throughout Auckland.

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What we specialise in

Topographical and Site Plans

Before any construction can begin, a Topographical Survey will need to be completed. Frear Surveyors produce in-depth and comprehensive Topographical plans that are the foundation for any construction planning.

  • the grade and levels of the ground
  • positions and levels of existing buildings
  • positions and levels of existing drainage
  • road access points and road frontage occupation
  • location of services eg. power, water and telephone
  • location and size of vegetation
  • position and orientation of property boundaries
  • coverage areas

Setout Surveys

Once architects have designed a building and a building consent has been issued, a Setout Survey needs to be completed. A Setout Survey is completed to show the builders accurately where the building is to be positioned. Upon completion of the Survey, a Setout Certificate will be issued for Council records.

  • pegged building positions
  • height datum placement
  • pegged drainage positions with levels
  • pegged driveway positions with levels
  • Setout Certification

Asbuilt Surveys

After new public drainage construction has been completed an Asbuilt Survey will need to be completed for Council records. This is to certify that new public drainage has been built in accordance to the engineering approval.

  • position and level of new public drainage
  • position and orientation of property boundaries
  • asbuilt plan for Council records
  • liaising with Drainlayers/Engineers

Height In Relation To Boundary Surveys

After new building construction has been completed a HIRB Survey will need to be completed for Council records. This is to certify that the new building has been built in accordance to the proposed height in relation to boundary envelope on the building consent plans.

  • measuring and checking building position
  • measuring and checking the height in relation to boundary
  • measuring and checking the floor levels

Cross-Lease Update Surveys

Any construction that has changed the building footprint or if you have added a new structure on your property, then you will need a Cross-Lease Update survey to be completed. This is suggested before the sale of a Cross-Lease property as your “Flats Plan” is now considered defective.

  • positions of existing buildings
  • position and orientation of property boundaries
  • request of 223/224f certificates from Council (in certain circumstances 224c may be applied)
  • lodgement of Land Transfer Survey Plan and Survey Report with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

Other Services

Frear Surveyors also offer a range of other services related to new construction and development.

  • Subdivision Scheme Plans
  • Urban Planning
  • Subdivision
  • Cross lease conversion to Freehold Title

Specialist Recommendations:

  • Infrastructure Reports, Drainage & Driveway Designs, Earthworks Plans
  • Landscape Plans
  • Traffic Reports
  • Flood and Overland Flow Path Reports
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Heritage/ Special Character Assessment
  • Acoustic and Vibration Reports
  • Detailed Site Investigation Reports – Contaminated Land
  • Urban Design

R. John Frear

Contract Land Surveyor

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